Once in a while, right in
the middle of an ordinary life,
love gives us a fairytale.

Fairytale Florist

Building on 13 years of floral experience, Shannon Reilly, Fairytale’s “Floral Queen” goal is to provide exceptional and personal service to each and every customer. “I want everyone to feel like they are getting a customized product that is unique to their own needs, whether it’s a small bouquet from a husband to his wife or a large wedding in an outdoor setting, I want everyone to have a little bit of enchantment in their lives.”

"I think that is Shannon’s gift, the ability to take customer’s vision and put it into something tangible and beautiful. Last Christmas I needed help in ramping up my Christmas décor and she stepped in and 2 hours later I had a house as beautiful as any magazine picture. It’s like having your best friend in the floral business."

Polly Dillworth